Enabling the Extraordinary
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聪明的支持 for Meggitt’s products and systems

Enabling operational excellence for our customers worldwide.

彩神88vl官网的服务 & 支持 team is dedicated to keeping Meggitt’s global customers airborne and operational.

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UK +44 (0) 330 363 0006
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Retrofit, Modifications and 升级



Meggitt Management Committees

The 商业委员会 shall comprise the 首席执行官, the Chief Financial Officer, Group General Counsel and Director, 公司事务, 集团董事, 工程 & 策略 and Group Operations Director.



集团董事, 工程 & 策略, Chief Technology Officer, between two and four external members with backgrounds in technology or academia, Meggitt engineering fellows and other appropriate employees.

Providing advice on the direction and pace of technology road maps, increasing awareness of disruptive technologies, business models or business trends and providing guidance on new areas and opportunities.

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