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Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement

This Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement, made pursuant to Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, summarises the steps which 彩神88vl官网 and its subsidiary companies (the “Group”) has taken to address the risk of slavery and human trafficking (“modern slavery”) in its operations and supply chains during the year ended 31 December 2020.

Our Organisation

麦吉特是航空航天、国防和选定能源市场的世界领导者. 超过73000架飞机依赖于麦吉特公司的关键技术、子系统和部件. 彩神88vl官网的全球业务专注于提供高性能解决方案, adapted to meet unique customer requirements. Our product portfolio includes thermal solutions; wheel and brake systems; fire detection, protection and control; aircraft safety and security equipment; advanced polymers and composites, including radomes and seals; avionics; and sensing and condition monitoring systems. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Operating through four divisions: Airframe Systems; Engine Systems; Energy & Equipment; and Services & Support, we employ over 9,在欧洲有40多家生产工厂和销售办事处,员工总数达000人, 北美和亚洲.

Our Supply Chain

彩神88vl官网的供应链和70%的直接材料支出可以大致分为以下11个部门:机械加工, printed circuit boards, fasteners, consumables, electric components, electric assemblies, cable/wire, metal fabrications, castings, forgings and raw materials.

To help manage our supply chain, 彩神88vl官网的采购团队中有超过275名敬业的员工,为彩神88vl官网的网站提供支持. 彩神88vl官网还有一个中央间接采购团队,为制造业以外的服务提供服务. Due to the industries within which we operate, 彩神88vl官网的整体业务效率依赖于彩神88vl官网与外部供应基地的关系.

We expect our suppliers, 他们的员工和供应链的运作方式支持彩神88vl官网对强有力的道德标准的承诺.

Modern Slavery

现代奴隶制是一种犯罪,是对基本人权的侵犯. It takes various forms, such as slavery, servitude, forced and compulsory labour, 童工和人口贩运以及相应的招募或住房做法, 所有这一切都有一个共同之处,即他人为了个人或商业利益而剥夺一个人的自由.

Meggitt has a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery. We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business dealings and to implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to ensure modern slavery is not taking place anywhere in our business or our supply chain.

彩神88vl官网努力确保彩神88vl官网自己的业务和彩神88vl官网在整个供应链中处理现代奴隶制的方法的透明度, consistent with our obligations under the UK’s Modern Slavery Act 2015 as well as aligned United States Government’s policy and contract obligations prohibiting trafficking in persons and other relevant regulations. 彩神88vl官网希望彩神88vl官网所有的承包商、供应商和其他商业伙伴都能达到同样的高标准.

Overall Risk in Our Business and Supply Chain

Our Business

彩神88vl官网已经考虑了现代奴隶制在本公司业务中发生的风险. Taking into account:

  • 该集团业务的地理位置以及这些地区强迫劳动的普遍程度较低;
  • 公司采取的政策和现行的保证程序;
  • the Company’s recruitment processes; and
  • 没有关于强迫劳动的关切或事件的报告,

we consider the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking occurring within the Company’s operations to be low and the arrangements described below to be proportionate and effective.

Our Supply Chain

彩神88vl官网还考虑了供应链中现代奴隶制和人口贩运的风险. Taking into account:

  • the identity and nature of the Company’s suppliers;
  • the robust screening process applied to our suppliers;
  • 与彩神88vl官网的供应商保持良好的合作关系;
  • 彩神88vl官网的供应商所在的国家以及这些地区强迫劳动的普遍现象;
  • 供给的产品以及被认为是现代奴隶制中高风险的产品;
  • the additional assurance provided by our higher risk suppliers; and
  • 彩神88vl官网的供应链中没有关于强迫劳动的担忧或事件的报告,
    • we consider the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking occurring within the Company’s supply chain to be moderately low and the arrangements described below to be proportionate and effective.


      Our Policies

      诚信是彩神88vl官网的三大价值观之一,彩神88vl官网致力于在彩神88vl官网的业务中实现最高标准的道德行为. 彩神88vl官网也期望彩神88vl官网的供应商和其他为彩神88vl官网工作的人做出同样的承诺. Our Policies reflect this commitment.

      Code of Conduct

      The Meggitt Code of Conduct applies to our entire workforce, whatever their job and wherever they are located. The Code sets out our commitment to:

      • 确保遵守《彩神88vl官网》的原则;
      • 在彩神88vlll的影响范围内支持和尊重国际人权;
      • not knowingly be complicit in human rights abuses; and
      • 只与符合彩神88vl官网标准或通过彩神88vl官网劳动和福利条件检查的供应商和其他第三方签订合同,

      ,并清楚知道不遵守守则的规定可能会招致纪律处分, including probation, suspension and termination of employment and legal action.

      Action since 1 January 2020

      年内为加强彩神88vl官网的政策而采取的措施,包括更新彩神88vl官网的行为守则,以阐明彩神88vl官网的价值观和期望, including those relating to human rights and modern slavery, 并重新启动彩神88vl官网的独立道德热线“畅所欲言”,让彩神88vl官网的员工可以24小时、7小时地报告关注的问题.

      Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Policy

      The Code of Conduct is supported by a number of other policies that clarify the behaviour expected by Group employees and set out minimum standards to be applied throughout the Group.

      Our Corporate Responsibility & 可持续发展政策记录了彩神88vl官网在社会管理方面的价值观, ethical and environmental matters and sets out our commitment to:

      • uphold our employees’ human rights;
      • ensure that we do not engage in modern slavery practices and take all reasonable measures to ensure that our suppliers and other third parties acting on our behalf do not engage in such practices;
      • support the principle of equal opportunities in employment; and
      • offer fair levels of remuneration.

      Ethics and Business Conduct Policy

      彩神88vl官网的道德和商业行为政策表明了彩神88vl官网对诚信的承诺, honesty, and respect for others in all our business relationships. 期望员工有最高的道德行为标准, 董事,以及代表本集团履行其专业职责和个人行为的人.

      Mitigating the Risk of Slavery and Human Trafficking


      1. Whistleblowing Hotline

      本集团经营并鼓励使用保密和匿名举报热线. The hotline is operated by an independent external service provider, 让员工可以私下和既不是员工也不是直属经理的人交谈. 外部供应商向集团道德和企业责任总监报告所有披露信息, 谁负责确保电话被独立于公司管理层进行调查. The hotline is a free-phone telephone number, which is widely publicised at Meggitt sites, in the Code of Conduct and the Group’s intranet.

      彩神88vl官网积极鼓励员工报告任何不符合行为准则或任何集团政策的行为, including any actual or suspected incidents of modern slavery, via the Speak up hotline.

      在这一年中,公司没有收到任何关于其经营中存在现代奴隶制的报告. If such an issue was reported, 本公司会立即就投诉及证实的问题进行彻底调查, 该公司将制定强有力的行动计划来消除这一问题并保护任何受害者.

      Action since 1 January 2020

      在这一年中,举报热线被重新命名为“大声说出来”,并在整个集团内重新启动. In January 2021, around 50 individuals representing various functions attended a training session to conduct independent investigations to ensure that the Group has appropriate resources to investigate all claims thoroughly.

      2. Annual Confirmations process

      彩神88vl官网每年从业务单位和部门获得关于集团政策和流程遵守情况的确认. 该协议于2021年1月延长,以从彩神88vl官网的产品组寻求同样的确认.


      • compliance with the Group’s Policies and procedures in 2020; and
      • that they are not aware of any individuals working for the business, or working for the businesses’ suppliers, contractors or subcontractors, being employed as a result of modern slavery or human trafficking.

      3. Ethics Compliance processes

      彩神88vl官网有一个全面的道德计划,由道德及企业责任小组主任领导. This includes:

      • regular reviews of our Code of Conduct and our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Policy and Ethics and Business Conduct Policy to ensure that they remain appropriate;
      • an independent whistleblowing hotline (noted above) and notice to all employees of a dedicated US Global Human Trafficking Hotline; and
      • 每个工地均设有一名指定的“道德冠军”,可为员工提供保密协助.

      4. Robust HR Processes

      彩神88vl官网有人力资源和操作程序,可以减少现代奴隶制和人口贩运的风险. 彩神88vl官网的人力资源部门负责所有的招聘活动,并遵循标准的招聘程序. We use reputable employment agencies and temporary labour agencies in sourcing labour and conduct appropriate due diligence on any new agency we engage. Our U.S. 与职业介绍所达成的协议包括遵守现代奴隶制和禁止贩卖人口的义务.

      Our supply chain: mitigating risk of slavery and human trafficking

      As customers we play an active role in supplier development and have adopted various means to clearly communicate our expectations to our suppliers and monitor their compliance with them. We recognise that we cannot eliminate all risk of modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chain and our primary focus is on maintaining good working relationships with our suppliers to ensure we have open lines of communication especially where we have key dependencies. 为此,彩神88vl官网已开始实施一项长期战略,以合理化彩神88vl官网的供应基础, 认可更少的具有“首选/推荐”地位的供应商,使彩神88vl官网的参与和合作关系达到新的水平. 彩神88vl官网的目标是集中精力和时间与彩神88vl官网的供应商发展关系,以确保他们在质量上符合彩神88vl官网的标准, delivery and compliance.

      Action since 1 January 2020


      We manage risk in our supply chain in the following ways:

      1. Standard Purchasing Conditions

      彩神88vl官网的供应商被要求同意彩神88vl官网的标准采购条件,并遵守彩神88vl官网的奴隶制政策, human trafficking, forced labour and child labour or agree to terms and policies that are similar to ensure that their principles and practices are aligned with our expectations and standards.

      2. Site visits

      Supplier oversight during 2020 was maintained by a combination of planned quality audits on key suppliers and wider engagement by our supplier development engineers, 在可能的情况下,可以通过直接访问,在有限制的情况下,可以通过远程接触. 虽然这些访问和聘用活动并不包括对供应商员工的劳动和福利条件进行正式审计, 他们对彩神88vl官网供应商的员工和他们的工作环境提供了可视化的监督, 确保彩神88vl官网的直接供应商尊重人权,不使用童工或强迫劳动.

      3. Supplier Engagement

      与主要供应商在现场进行客户评审,以保持高水平的合作, 为双方提供分享重要更新的机会, discuss key issues, review performance metrics and agree improvement actions. To compliment this, we also hold Quarterly Business Reviews at a commodity level, with our key strategic suppliers, which are more focussed on group level performance (for suppliers supporting multiple sites) and provide an opportunity to share updates and review progress towards longer term strategic objectives.

      4. Screening processes

      The Group screens new suppliers as part of the onboarding process. As part of this screening, 供应商被要求证明遵守行业公认的政策, including those relating to human rights and modern slavery.

      5. Risk Assessment and Assurance from Higher Risk Suppliers

      彩神88vl官网每年进行一次风险评估,根据支出和地理位置确定风险较高的供应商. 彩神88vl官网采购团队的成员与那些被确定为高风险的人接触,并寻求额外的保证.

      Action since 1 January 2020

      During 2020 we strengthened our modern slavery risk assessment of our suppliers by extending our definition of ‘higher risk’ supplier to include those located in the top 100 countries in terms of prevalence of modern slavery (in prior years we limited the definition of higher risk supplier to those in the top 50 countries in terms of prevalence). This assessment identified 24 higher risk suppliers. The products supplied by these 24 higher risk suppliers were then cross referenced against the list of products by source country identified by the Global Slavery Index as at risk of forced labour. 这确定了1个高风险供应商提供的产品被认为有现代奴隶制的风险.

      在2021年第一季度,集团采购将与这24家高风险供应商进行合作, 特别是提供产品的供应商被认为面临现代奴隶制的风险, to ensure that they understand our zero tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking and comply with our expectations in respect of labour and welfare conditions.

      Payment Practices

      We understand the correlation between poor payment practices and modern slavery and remain committed to maintaining fair working relationships with our suppliers at all times. 决定彩神88vl官网当前付款期的因素是彩神88vl官网的标准条款和条件或彩神88vl官网与供应商达成的个别协议. 彩神88vl官网的支付条件是一致的条款和条件普遍存在的全球航空工业. We also offer financing arrangements to our suppliers. We report on payment practices in the UK as required, 在彩神88vl官网的网站上公布了关于英国支付惯例的进一步声明.


      公司责任委员会监督彩神88vl官网的行为准则和集团政策的遵守情况,以确保它们保持有效. 委员会还审查了供应商约定的做法和本关于现代奴隶制的声明.

      The Corporate Responsibility Committee:

      • monitors and reviews compliance with the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Policy and scrutinises the effectiveness of the delivery of the policy requirements;
      • 确保有适当的资源来执行公司责任及可持续发展政策;
      • 确保为员工提供适当的培训;
      • 检讨本集团的安排是否足够及稳妥,以便其雇员及承建商提出关注, in confidence, about possible wrongdoing and ensures that these arrangements allow proportionate and independent investigation of such matters and appropriate follow up action.

      The Committee reports to the Board on its activities. 2020年,企业责任委员会(Corporate Responsibility Committee)没有确定任何值得关注的问题.

      This statement is for 彩神88vl官网 (0432989) and its subsidiary companies Meggitt (UK) Limited (00629814) and Meggitt Aerospace Limited (03477890) for the financial year ended 31 December 2020. Previous statements can be found on our website.

      Approved by the Board of Directors of 彩神88vl官网 on 2 March 2021.

      Tony Wood
      Chief Executive
      Director, 彩神88vl官网
      2 March 2021

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