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彩神88vl官网的 服务 & Support team is dedicated to keeping Meggitt’s global customers airborne 和 operational.

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We underst和 that improving engine efficiency 和 reliability, as well as enhancing safety 和 minimising downtime are top priorities for aerospace engine manufacturers. That is why we use our expertise to drive developments 和 provide high quality products 和 systems.

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We work at the cutting edge of new technology for this fast-paced industry. Meggitt developments that enhance both engine efficiency 和 environmental performance are widely used throughout the engine. From cowl to core our solutions include composites, 阀门, 传感器thermal management.

GE90-115B engine with person

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We work closely with a number of OEMs worldwide to provide customised solutions. For example:

彩神88vl官网的 sensing 和 monitoring products have been used for decades to detect faults, prevent damage 和 avoid costly repairs, thereby optimising both maintenance 和 performance. 彩神88vl官网的 pressure, temperature 和 speed 传感器 are used to indicate engine performance. By detecting serious problems at an early stage, they enable technical personnel to perform maintenance 和 reduce unplanned downtime.

We are also working on a new generation of heat exchangers. Tomorrow’s jet engines will run hotter than ever. Fans are getting bigger 和 space inside the nacelle is increasingly at a premium. 空间 和 weight savings are becoming critical design criteria. Research is going on to develop the next generation of aerospace thermal management solutions 和 Meggitt is part of the ATI funded project team. We have completed a prototype diffusion bonded etched plate heat exchanger, which is now being tested to carry out final proving of the bonding strength.

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